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About the organization

Amika Softwares was established with a motive to build safe, secure, and user-friendly administering software for the intuitions. The organization has been dealing with the educational sector for more than a decade. Located in central India, with our representatives’ pan India, Amika Softwares houses a team of young minds with rich experience on the different platforms. What began with a crystal-clear vision has now, is now recognized for its unique, safe, and affordable products and services.  With determined willpower and a never say die approach, we aim to deliver excellence, indulge in continuous innovation to provide cost-effective and user-friendly solutions that create value for our clients. Today, under the expert guidance of Mr. Amey Bawne, Amika Softwares has successfully made its place in India’s most innovative Growth companies to invest in 2020.


About Online Olympiad

Online Olympias is an institution, established by the prominent minds at Amika Softwares with the objective of identifying and nurturing the talent of the student and enhance their practical knowledge in different areas. Online Olympiad is an Online Learning Platform for Olympiad Exams Preparations developed by the team of Amika Softwares Pvt. Ltd to provide a personalized and in-depth online learning experience to the user. Online Olympiad offers an online evaluation platform to the students to assess their level of understanding and learning ability and focuses to help students become well-rounded individuals.

Who Are We?

In today’s ever-changing world, it is essential to provide students with a platform where they can

Get all their queries answered


Understand what they are studying

Develop and enhance their problem-solving skills


Be fully prepared for future examinations. is a online portal for exam of different subjects, per student registration price is Rs.500 per subject per exam.


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